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Jane Fonda: Balance- Primetime Health

Jane Fonda: Balance- Primetime Health

Jane Fonda: Balance- Primetime Health is a short, 3 step balance exercise that can be used daily in order to increase balance, improve posture, lubricate the joints, and stretch the entire body. Strengthen the core and enhance flexibility with Hollywood Legend and Fitness Expert, Jane Fonda as she takes you through this effective workout that combines soothing stretching exercises with traditional Yoga moves such as Tree and Warrior poses to tone your body and your mind. Look and feel your best and try this brief workout daily from Jane’s all new “Primetime Health” Series to stretch your calves, back, and arms, open your hips, alleviate arthritis pain, and focus your breathing to improve your balance both mentally and physically. Tune in every Tuesday for new, life-enriching episodes from Jane! Click here for more health, diet, and workout tips from Jane Fonda:

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