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The Expendables Workout with Dolph Lundgren – Star Fit

[01:10] Squat Kicks
[01:58] Walking Push-up
[03:11] Kicks: Front/ Roundhouse/ Combinations
[04:56] Workout Summary/ Recommendation
The Expendables workout with Martial Arts Legend and Action Star, Dolph Lundgren is a unique, inside look at how Dolph gets some of his clients chiseled and into shape fast through a series of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)- based moves. As a celebrity trainer for action stars like Sylvester Stallone, Dolph is often up against some high expectations in short time frames. Watch as he provides Dancing with the Stars Dancer, and Star Fit Host, Kym Johnson with some of his most effective martial arts moves that will get results fast and kick some major booty. His squat kick technique will tone and tighten your entire core while strengthening your hips and legs. Get defined arms and shoulders with walking pushups that are sure to tighten your core and burn major calories. Tune in every Friday for new body-sculpting episodes of Star Fit that will leave you looking and feeling your best. For more Star Fit workouts, click here:

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