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Yoga Fusion Workout: Total Body Strength & Flexibility

Yoga Fusion Workout: Total Body Strength & Flexibility with Kim Haegele is a unique Yoga/Pilates hybrid workout that is designed to burn fat, build power, increase flexibility and improve balance by blending elements of Pilates exercise, core-conditioning and dance with the basics of Hatha Yoga for a complete workout that will help you sculpt a lean body, calm the mind and develop a more graceful way of moving. Relieve anxiety and tone the arms, chest, shoulders, abs, back, legs, and butt with Acclaimed Yoga Expert and Consultant, Kim Haegele as she takes you through a flowing series of poses that will burn calories, challenge major muscle groups, flatten the midsection, and heal the mind to leave you looking and feeling your best. This result-driven, energizing routine from the “Yoga Fusion: Strength & Balance” Fitness Series will unleash the power of Yoga to bring inner focus as you experience the functional effectiveness of Pilates. Spread attention through body as you learn to maintain a balance between challenging yourself and listening to your body. You will grow stronger and become your best with each day. This workout requires a Yoga Mat, a towel and a bottle of water. Begin with a warm-up featuring some of Yoga’s quintessential moves to get you started on your path. Tone your body from head to toe with this 25 minute segment that will is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. Tune in to BeFiT every weekday for new uploads featuring your favorite trainers! Click here for additional BeFiT Beginners Yoga workouts:

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