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Flat abs Workout for a Slim Waist: 7 Minute Workout

Flat abs Workout for a Slim Waist from the 7 Minute Workout series is a supercharged, core-strengthening abdominal workout that was created to burn fat, activate the core, and engage all of the muscles of the abs to flatten the midsection, shrink the waistline, and uncover lean definition. Prepare to fight through the burn and start down the path to 6-pack abs with Fitness Expert, Amanda as she coaches you through this fast-paced tummy-flattening circuit that will sculpt lean muscle and blast away the extra pounds fast! Tone your arms, shoulders, back, butt and legs as you sculpt sexy abs with concentrated, result-driven floor moves like 3 count sit-ups, planks, bicycles, grasshoppers, side planks, hollow rocks, mountain climbers, Russian twists, moving planks, butterfly sit-ups and flutter kicks. Learn to focus on your form to get the most out of each exercise in this effective segment from the all new “7 Minute Workout” fitness series, only on BeFiT! 7 Minute Workout is an explosive new workout series for those “on the go”, that delivers extreme body-sculpting results by combining intense total-body exercises into rapid fire succession to rev-up the metabolism, burn calories, build muscle, and boost energy all in just 7 minutes a day. Ignite your weight loss potential and re-shape your problem areas with each supercharged workout which utilizes 12 moves each done for 30 seconds, with 10 seconds of rest in between to uncover lean definition for a full body-toning experience from head to toe! Top fitness experts coach you through your experience providing modifications for each move to fit all skill levels. You will need a Yoga mat, a towel and a bottle of water to complete this routine. Take this workout with you anywhere and be your best in just minutes a day! Click here for more from 7 Minute Workout:
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