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Relax & Restore Yoga: Sadie Nardini- BeFit Yoga

Relax & Restore Yoga with Sadie Nardini from BeFit Yoga is a restorative stress-reducing Yoga exercise that is designed to burn calories, release excess tension, and calm the system through a soothing series of flowing poses. Boost energy and find your rhythm with World-Class Yoga Instructor, Sadie Nardin as she guides you through this detoxifying workout and helps you focus your breathing to relieve abdominal tightness and banish tension in the neck and shoulders. Learn how to relax your system and feel refreshed and renewed with this effective workout from the all new “BeFit Yoga” series, only on BeFit! Free your body and mind of the stresses of the day as you expand your chest, open the pelvis, and pull the lower spine forward with poses like Warrior 2, high lunges, and starfish navasana. Burn fat, increase flexibility, and tone the arms, abs, legs, and butt with this core-strengthening workout that can be done anywhere using only a floor mat and a Yoga block. Try this after a stressful day to lower cortisol levels and enhance sleep. Tune into BeFit for more body-sculpting Yoga workouts from BeFit Yoga. Look and feel your best with the experts right from your own home. Click here for more BeFit Yoga:

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